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Hello from A class


Hi everyone!

We are Stella and Filina from A class High school of Neo Souli.

In the English lessons we have a great time.

Our favourite project in English lessons are the Recycling Leaflets.

Love Filina and Stella


Welcome in our class!


We are Panagiota and Marina. We’re 13 years old and we go to Neo Souli Junior High School. We are in Year one.

This year in English, we did many projects with interesting topics. Some topics were about our room and pets, recycling, wild animals, countries and introducing ourselves. Our favorite project was about recycling because we learnt a lot of about environment.

This year, in English lessons we had a great time!

Panagiota and Marina

Welcome to our blog!!!!!


Hey guys,welcome to our blog about english.We are Fanis and Tolis and we are fourteen years old.We are writing to say what have our blog and to show you our blog.Our site is https://theperfectguysofneosouli.wordpress.com

Welcome my name is Apostolia.I live N.Souli Serron and I reals like a trips .My school will give you information about many things I hope our site you will inform,you will travel and will do your have a graet time.

Welcome guys.Our names are Vicky,Kostas,Tzoulian,Stella and we have the opportunity to show you our blogThe blog contains news from our school projects.Thanking you for giving us the opportunity to show our site.Love The Perfect Guys Of Neo Souli!!!


Welcome to our blog. we are the perfect guys of Neo Souli and we hope you have fun. in this site there are a lot of projects or researches from us and we work hard. You can let’s you kwon many important and useful things.