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by Stella Ch.




On March 30th the High School of Neo Souli went a trip to Athens. In 6p.m

gathered outside the school. Then, we got on to the bus and we started our trip. We did some stops and after 11 hours we arrived in Athens. We found the hotel and then they showed us the rooms. The hotel was magnificent and had a view of Acropolis.

The first night we went to eat and a walk in Kolonaki. After a while we went to the theatre and we saw an excellent performance. The name of the show was ‘Hair Killers’. After that we took fotographs with actors and we asked them different things about the show. A little later we arrived to the hotel.

The following morning we ate breakfast to the hotel and when we finished, we visited the Acropolis. After Acropolis, we visited the Greek Parliament and there they guided us the building. Outside of the Parliament there were two evzones of the Unknown Soldier and we took them fotographs. In continuous, we went a walk with the Athens happy train and we knew different historical landmarks. Then, we went for lunch and after a while we went to the Mall for shopping. Three hours later, we went to the hotel and in the evening we visited Allou Fun Park. There we had a great time and there lots of fantastic games that we saw first time. Later, we went to sleep at the hotel.

The last morning in Athens, we visited the museum of Athens and we saw many ancient exhibits. Then, we went a walk to the Monastiraki and we bought different souvenirs. After that, we started the trip for Neo Souli. On the bus, we made some hoaxes to the teachers because that day was April Fool’s Day. We did some stops again and after 11 hours we arrived in Neo Souli with very pleasant and unforgettable memories. Thank you to all teachers who gave us the opportunity to make this wonderful and hope to make a tour like this again.

Katerina B.

Roula B.

Katerina Be.  (B Class)





On Saturday I went in musical school of Serres where children of different schools and I do different activities relatively one of the most author Charles Dickens. We celebrate 200 years of his birth. We focus on stories of two cities. This work is one of the most stories of Charles Dickens. It is fantastic! We learn about his life and then we do a lot of activities. It is theatre performance. We learn improvisation and we learn to contribute with other people, too. Moreover, students come university of Thessaloniki and they help us. It is a good experience and I remember this experience for ever.

Panagiota A. (B Class)

On Saturday, 28 April, at the Music High School we watched a theatrical workshop which was consisted from two parts. In part one we listened speeches, from studens from Salonika, whitch subject was the history between two cities. In part 2 we participated in them. It was a very good experience and I would like to participate again.

Maria A. (B Class)



On 30-31-1 March-April we went a school trip in Athens.

We started on Friday morning and we were traveling ten hours. We stayed at the hotel ‘Titania’ for three days.

We were visiting a lot of sights.

At first we went in Acropolis. Then in Greek Parliament and after we visited the biggest department store in Greek tha ‘Mall’.

At night we went in Allou fun park and we enjoyed so much. It was an unforgettable experience.

The next we left at 1 o’ clock in the noun,

All the students didn’t’ want to leave.

Otherwise all the students say that this trip was an amazing experience.

Evi Avr. – CLASS C