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A day trip to Timios Prodromos



On 25th October,the third class of high school of Neo Souli visited the church Timios Prodromos for the subject of local history.

At 10.30p.m. the bus came  at school and we left for the church.

First of all, when we arrived we met a nun and she began to explain us what we would see.After that, we started our tour from the inside of the church. She told us about the history of the temple and showed us different old pictures.

The nuns were very hospitable. They went us to the place where accommodate the visitors and treated us loukoumi and bread.

We continued with the library hall which had variety from old books. Also, we visited the room where they had antiques and barrels of daily life.

Finally, we visited the exhibition where we bought little things and we took photos.

C class

Catherine B.

Roula B.